Three Slot Myths To Dump

So you like to play Slots huh? Most likely you have some interesting slot myths in your head that affect how you play. All slot players have them. Today, I'm going to bust three slot myths wide open.

What follows are three slot myths that are not true in the slightest. Pull up your chair and get busting. Slot Myth One: Cold Change Makes No Difference Las Vegas is full of fun slot myths.

One that has withstood the test of time is that if you put your change in the freezer first and then use it, your slot machine will get tricked into paying better. Yes, people actually freeze their quarters. And no, it does not work.

The slot machine has no temperature checker doohickey, so your coin's temperature will not affect your outcome in the slightest. While making for some interesting chatter, this myth is busted wide open. It's false.

Slot Myth Two: Bang it Like an Ape, Win More Money Did you know that if you beat your slot machine a little while playing that it will pay out more money? If so, you're beating up a poor machine for no reason. Your slot machine has no feelings and the components are secure, so beating it does nothing. In fact, you may get a bruise or worse, thrown out of the casino. You could hit your machine all day long, but your result will be exactly the same. It might feel better though. Consider this slot myth busted wide open.

Slot Myth Three: Pay Me. You Know I've Been Losing for Hours on End So you're sitting at your trusty slot machine losing your butt for hours and waiting for a big payoff. Why? Because the machine knows you've put in $800 over the past three hours and it's about to hit big, really big. Nope. Your slot machine was born without a memory of sorts. It doesn't know that you have lost $800 in three hours or that you aren't the same person that has been playing it since it was created.

Slot machines work on mathematical computations and random events. If asked, it couldn't tell you how much money you've won or lost. In fact, it's just as likely to dish out two jackpots back-to-back as take money from you for what seems like ages.

This myth is busted wide open. Your slot machine is a goldfish. It doesn't remember personal data.

Will Win is a professional gambler, ex casino dealer and author. For the best Online Casino Visit

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Three Slot Myths To Dump - So you like to play Slots huh? Most likely you have some interesting slot myths in your head that affect how you play.

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