Home Theater Design Secrets

Having a home theater is amazing! It's like having a cinema that you can watch every time you like. Just turn off the phone, dim out the room, make yourself as comfortable as possible in your favorite coach and dive into the magic of cinema because for the next hour and a half you'll be enjoying the experience of having a home theater! With a good set of components you'll be able to virtually feel the movie. Believe me on this one -- the right "ingredients" will make it a real pleasure every time you watch a movie, no matter what. However good this may sound, it's true. But sadly, as everything else in life you'll have to work hard to make everything perfect.

I had the tough experience of not knowing how to combine everything to make a really excellent home theater. I had to buy stuff just to find out later that it's complete garbage. Thank God I have my own business so I could afford this, but still it was wasted money and most importantly wasted time. Time that I could spend enjoying the latest Hollywood movie, or an ever-green classic! Of course, eventually I decided to educated myself. I went to ask a few friends about the how's and what's, I bought some hi-tech magazines and I went online to search for answers (which later proved to be my smartest move).

Pretty much of the information was nothing more than pure ads trying to sell me their stuff. but why am I so surprised, that's what 99% of the Internet is all about -- hype and ads, ads, ads (yuck). Eventually I found a few sites and a few articles with useful information and tips. Additionally there are some electronic books available these days as well as some guides in various online bookstores. My advice -- use your favorite search engine and you'll quickly find all the information on home theater design and setup and best of all -- you'll save time and money. You really can't imagine how many useful sites are out there these days.

The Internet is full of information and best of all it's free information as I said above -- so why not take advantage of all the goods out there and use it to setup the perfect home theater for you. I'd start with a simple home theater design then read more and expand on it, play around with various different elements, use some creative thinking, maybe even ask at a few forums if my setup is good and only then proceed to actually buying the components.

John Layton is the author of this article and can provide additional tips and advise at his website he also publishes a daily blog at

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