An Eggciting Easter Party

An :Eggciting" Party is a fun birthday theme or a great way to get together with your near and close buddies. Surprise them with lots of eggs. "The guy's think I've holes in my head, if I ask them over for an Easter Egg Hunt." Sandy brushed a lock of his stubborn red hair back with grimy ringers. I sighed as I watched him. He certainly had outgrown the adorable stage when he delighted to celebrate his April birthday by having his friends over for an Easter Egg Hunt.

But in spite of his long legs and grimy appearance he still wanted a birthday party. "Can't we think up something to do, Mom that big fellows my age would like?" I kept to myself the thought that eleven wasn't exactly old age. "Maybe we could have an Easter party and plan some different games.

" "I know, Mom! Let's have an egg party. Egg eats, egg games, egg stunts, egg everything." "Eggs, son? That sounds awfully well eggy. But make your plans and I'll help.

" When he first outlined his ideas to me, I thought, "That party will take so many eggs it may be rather expensive." But when I realized that the only expense for the games and decorations would be the cost of the eggs used, I decided that it would really be an inexpensive party. Thus it came about that Sandy gave an egg party on Easter Monday, his birthday.

He cut the egg-shaped invitations from colored construction paper. The invitations read, "Come to Sandy's house on Monday at eggctly 3 P.M.

for an eggciting afternoon." Then off he dashed on his bicycle to deliver his invitations. Promptly on the hour eleven well-scrubbed boys arrived, eager for anything that sounded like fun. Just in case an April shower might chase us into the house later in the afternoon we staged our egg-catching contest first.

That was the only one of our planned games that could not be played in the house. The game goes this way: Six boys, each with a raw egg, line up faced by a partner. Each of the six boys on one side tosses the egg in his possession to the boy facing him who stands three feet from him. If this boy catches the egg without breaking it, each boy takes a big step backwards. If the egg is not caught but smashes to the ground that couple is eliminated. After each throw each partner moves backward one step.

You'll be surprised at what an exciting game this is, and how adept eleven-year-olds are at tossing and catching raw eggs. The two boys who finally won were made leaders in the "Egg Relay Race." Two hard-boiled eggs were used for the relay. The two leaders took turns choosing team mates. The lads then formed two lines, the one boy directly behind the other. Every lad was given a teaspoon with instructions to hold the handle between his teeth.

A hard-boiled egg was placed in the bowl of the spoon of each of the two leaders. At a signal the leaders, with their hands behind them, ran to a goal across the lawn without dropping the eggs. If the lad accomplished it he grabbed the spoon in his hand, ran back to the line and placed the egg in the spoon of the boy who stood just back of him in line.

If the egg was dropped in transit the boy carrying it picked it up, placed it back on the spoon before advancing farther. The team completing the race first was declared "Eggsperts." This party is a great fun for the kids of eleven. Thought it need quite a big number of eggs but is not worth then the joy it can give to your young kids.

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